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About Us

Meet the SIM Team 
{SIM Team - June 2017}  
Mark Schaefer, Director
Deanna Chaparro, Administrative Assistant
Jeannina Thompson, Secretary 1
Christine Nguyen-Matos, Fiscal Administrative Officer
Stephanie Burnham, SIM Specialist - Quality
Faina Dookh, Project Manager
Jenna Lupi, SIM Specialist - Practice Transformation
Shiu-Yu Schiller, Health Program Associate

About the State Innovation Model
{SIM Primary Drivers} The State Innovation Model (SIM) initiative is a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) effort to support the development and implementation of state-led, multi-payer healthcare payment and service delivery model reforms that will promote healthier people, better care, and smarter spending in participating states. In 2014 Connecticut received a $45 million State Innovation Model (SIM) grant from CMMI to implement a multi-faceted strategy to improve the health outcomes and healthcare spending trajectory of the state, as well as to improve the sizeable health disparities that continue to persist. Over a four year period (2015-2019) Connecticut’s SIM proposes to improve Connecticut’s healthcare system for the majority of residents.

We are investing in a transition away from paying for a volume of healthcare services towards paying based on whether people receive high quality care with lower growth in costs. This includes funding the design and launch of the state’s first Medicaid Shared Savings Program (“PCMH+”), which rewards healthcare providers for improved quality outcomes and better cost trends. 

We are providing technical assistance and supports to healthcare providers that want to succeed in these new payment models, so that they can connect individuals to community and behavioral supports, deploy community health workers, use data to track and improve their performance, and more. Providers access these resources through our Advanced Medical Home and Community & Clinical Integration Programs.

Simultaneously, we engage consumers by promoting insurance plans that remove financial barriers to, or introduce rewards for preventive care, medication adherence, chronic disease management, and high-quality provider selection. We promote these “Value-Based Insurance Designs” by convening employers and creating easily adoptable templates and disseminating best-practices.

Lastly, we are developing and testing components of a Population Health Plan. This longer-term strategy will combine innovations in clinical healthcare delivery, payment reform, and population health strategies to improve health as a community approach, rather than one focused solely on patient panels.

State Innovation Model Vision

Establish a whole-person-centered health care system that improves community health and eliminates health inequities; ensures superior access, quality, and care experience; empowers individuals to actively participate in their health and healthcare; and improves affordability by reducing healthcare costs.

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