SIMPMO: Consumer Empowerment CT State Innovation Model Program Management Office SIMPMO: Consumer Empowerment

Consumer Empowerment
The delivery of whole-person-centered care requires a transformation in how payers and providers respect and enable consumers to be active participants in the management of their health. A personís values and preferences and the freedom to make informed decisions must be placed at the center of any efforts to achieve our vision.

Primary care practices will equip consumers with culturally and linguistically appropriate information, resources, and opportunities for them to play an active role in managing their health. As part of our plan for consumer empowerment, we include a three-pronged strategy detailed in the Innovation Plan:

Enhanced consumer information and tools to enable health, wellness, and illness self-management, including shared decision making with providers;
Consumer input and advocacy via decision-making roles in the SIM governance structure and through consumer care experience surveys that will directly affect provider payment;

Consumer incentives to encourage healthy lifestyles and effective illness self-management through the promotion of value-based insurance designs (VBID) and employer incentive programs.

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