SIMPMO: Performance Transparency

Performance Transparency


Diverse groups of stakeholders have emphasized that increased transparency of quality, cost and price is a fundamental prerequisite to improving our health system. Transparency is essential for shaping our new care delivery and payment models, for informing consumer choice of health plans and providers, for guiding providers’ own performance improvement efforts, and for identifying disparities in health and health outcomes. We will achieve this level of transparency with the following levers and focus areas:


Create a common scorecard that reflects the AMH provider’s ability to meet measures of health status, quality of care and consumer experience.


Track primary care performance for quality, care experience, equity and cost measures, with the goal of future expansion to other parts of the healthcare system.


Combine data across payers in order to be able to track a provider’s true performance for their entire patient panel and to make reporting more efficient.


Ensure multiple levels of reporting so that consumers, payers, providers and policy makers can access quality, cost, price, and equity information.

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