SIMPMO: Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology
Health information technology plays a central and supporting role in every element of our proposed reforms. It is the means by which we develop our strategy, target our resources, measure our progress, manage continuous improvement, inform our care decisions, and communicate across individuals, providers, and systems. Our Innovation Plan defines a health information technology strategy that is based on four principles:


Advanced payer and provider analytic capabilities to support improvements in care delivery and health, with the eventual introduction of cross-payer (“aggregate”) analytics made possible by Connecticut’s All Payer Claims Database (APCD) and advancements in health information exchange.


Creation of multi-payer portal for providers and consumers to allow easier access to information and better decision making by providers and consumers.


Guidelines for care management tools. Since Connecticut has a large number of small provider practices, we will establish shared guidelines rather than mandatory procedures for adopting care management tools.


Standardized approach to clinical information exchange to accelerate providers’ use of direct messaging for secure communication and coordinated care delivery across different sites of care. Our plan begins with point to point communication and evolves to a comprehensive, statewide, health information exchange.

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