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The Connecticut State Innovation Model has the following aims, which are meant to impact the entire state of Connecticut by 2020:


  1. Improve Population Health: Reduce statewide rates of diabetes, obesity, and tobacco use while reducing health disparities.

  2. Improve healthcare outcomes: Improve statewide performance on key quality measures, such as preventable hospital admissions and cancer screenings, while reducing health disparities in these measures.

  3. Reduce healthcare costs: 1-2 percentage point reduction in annual healthcare spending growth by 2020.



SIM has identified the following primary drivers, which form an integrated approach to achieve the above aims:


  1. Promote payment models that reward improved quality, care experience, health equity, and lower cost

  2. Strengthen capabilities of healthcare organizations to deliver higher quality, better coordinated, community integrated, and more efficient care

  3. Empower consumers in healthy lifestyles, preventive care, chronic illness self-management, and healthcare decisions

  4. Promote policy, systems, and environmental changes, and address socioeconomic factors that impact health

  5. Enable Health Information Exchange, analytics, and health IT to drive transformation



The State Innovation Model has numerous initiatives and work streams that fall under one or more of these drivers. These initiatives are implemented by the Office of Health Strategy and/or partner agencies including the Department of Social Services, the Department of Public Health, and the Office of the State Comptroller. Many of the activities overlap and are not meant to be implemented in silos.


Primary Driver: Payment Reform



Primary Driver: Strengthen Care Delivery



Primary Driver: Empower Consumers



Primary Driver: Population Health



Primary Driver: Health IT 


For more information, please refer to our annual Operational Plans:

2018-2019 Award Year 3 SIM Operational Plan

2016-2017 Award Year 2 SIM Operational Plan

2015-2016 Award Year 1 SIM Operational Plan

2013          Connecticut Healthcare Innovation Plan

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