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Quality Council
This work group will recommend a core measurement set for use in the assessment of primary care, specialty, and hospital provider performance. The council will also recommend a common provider scorecard format for use by all payers. The measurement set will be reassessed on a regular basis to identify gaps, to incorporate new national measures as they become available, and to keep pace with changes in technology and clinical practice.

Executive Team:
Stacy Beck - Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Mehul Dalal, MD - Department of Public Health
Arlene Murphy - Consumer Advisory Board
Steven Wolfson, MD - Retired Cardiologist

Latest News
{Quality Council Report}  

Connecticut Public Scorecard
The Office of Health Strategy seeks public comment on the recommendations of the Quality Council for the Public Scorecard  (hereafter “CT Scorecard”) with respect to the design, attribution, benchmarks, scoring and risk adjustment.  The CT Scorecard will compare the quality of care for networks of organizations using Connecticut’s Multi-Payer Measures Set. The CT Scorecard supports the aim of Connecticut’s State Innovation Model to increase transparency related to healthcare cost and quality by disseminating information through a public online healthcare quality scorecard.

Quality Council Report
The final Report of the Quality Council on a Multi-Payer Quality Measure Set for Improving Connecticut's Healthcare Quality was approved by the Healthcare Innovation Steering Committee on November 10, 2016. The report contains recommendations regarding a core set of quality measures for use in value-based payment arrangements.

Meeting Information

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Quality Council Report - November 10, 2016

Quality Council Report Webinar - Behavioral Health Measures - July 28, 2016
Webinar (opens in Windows Media Viewer)

Quality Council Report Webinar for Consumer Advocates - July 27, 2016
Webinar (opens in Windows Media Viewer)

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