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Quality Council
This work group will recommend a core measurement set for use in the assessment of primary care, specialty, and hospital provider performance. The council will also recommend a common provider scorecard format for use by all payers. The measurement set will be reassessed on a regular basis to identify gaps, to incorporate new national measures as they become available, and to keep pace with changes in technology and clinical practice.

Executive Team:
Stacy Beck - Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Mehul Dalal, MD - Department of Public Health
Arlene Murphy - Consumer Advisory Board
Steven Wolfson, MD - Retired Cardiologist

Latest News
{Quality Council Report}  
Quality Council Report
The final Report of the Quality Council on a Multi-Payer Quality Measure Set for Improving Connecticut's Healthcare Quality was approved by the Healthcare Innovation Steering Committee on November 10, 2016. The report contains recommendations regarding a core set of quality measures for use in value-based payment arrangements.

Meeting Information

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Quality Council Report - November 10, 2016

Quality Council Report Webinar - Behavioral Health Measures - July 28, 2016
Webinar (opens in Windows Media Viewer)

Quality Council Report Webinar for Consumer Advocates - July 27, 2016
Webinar (opens in Windows Media Viewer)

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