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Health Information Technology Council
With the passage of P.A. 16-77, the SIM efforts have been incorporated into the legislatively mandated statewide Health Information Technology (Health IT) Advisory Council. The consolidation of the two councils will provide the SIM initiative to be closely aligned with the statewide HIT infrastructure that is being developed.  The statewide Health IT Advisory Council can be found here: Healthcare IT Advisory Council.

The Health Information Technology Council will undertake detailed planning to support the health information technology strategy that is set forth in the Innovation Plan; establish investment priorities with an emphasis on scalable, enterprise wide solutions; develop payer and provider educational materials; define standards for system interoperability and consistent formats for reports and portals; and coordinate with other health information technology related initiatives. 

Executive Team:
Commissioner Roderick Bremby - Connecticut Department of Social Services
Mark Raymond - Connecticut Bureau of Enterprise Systems Technology
Thomas Agresta - UConn Health Center
Patricia Checko - Consumer Advisory Board
Mike Miller - Optum

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