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Community and Clinical Integration Program Standards

DRAFT 1 {Draft CCIP Report}







Key points about the Community and Clinical Integration Program are as follows:

The Community and Clinical Integration Program (CCIP) is a companion initiative to the Advanced Medical Home Program.

Whereas, the AMH Program targets capabilities at the level of the individual primary care practice, the CCIP targets capabilities at the level of the clinical network or organization (e.g., Advanced Network or FQHC).

Under CCIP, Advanced Networks and FQHCs selected through the DSS MQISSP RFP will participate in SIM-funded technical assistance to coordinate with community partners and to develop new capabilities for improving care, especially for at-risk populations.

Entities that participate in CCIP will be expected to advance their capabilities for all populations, regardless of payer.

CCIP will require participating entities to focus on the following target capabilities, some of which will be required, and some of which will be elective:
  • Supporting individuals with complex health needs 
  • Reducing health equity gaps in Connecticut
  • Improving the integration of behavioral health into primary care
  • E-consults
  • Comprehensive Medication Management
  • Oral Health
Community health workers, person-centered care, and care experience are important features of several of these initiatives.

The capabilities are set forth in the form of program standards. The technical assistance will focus on helping organizations meet the standards. The SIM PMO is determining whether limited grant funds may be available for some of the costs associated with meeting these standards.

The Standards
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